White Glove Window Cleaning is, without doubt, the best choice for your residential window cleaning requirements. With over 30 years of experience, we have successfully maintained buildings to the great satisfaction of our clients. Using the same friendly customer service and quality workmanship in our commercial division, we will revive the appearance of your home with clean, streak-free, sparkling windows; guaranteed!

Services include window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, glass restoration, plus screen & track cleaning. Residential clients range from historical dwellings to modern multi-leveled homes.


Exterior Service:  Screen is removed, washed and installed.  Clean the very exterior of glass and wash sill.

Exterior Exposed Glass Service:  No removal of window, storm or screen.  Clean the very exterior (exposed glass surface) of pane, which will not have a screen or air conditioner covering or interfering.  Therefore, the cleaning of a pane of glass that is always exposed to the outdoors, then wash sill..

Two-Sided Service:  Clean interior and exterior of pane and wipe track.  Clean screens to remove loose dirt.  Window sills washed.  Commonly known as inside & out service.

Four Sided Service:  Remove required window panes, clean both sides of all four window panes and re-install.  Clean screens to remove loose dirt.  Window tracks wiped & sills washed.  Only vinyl and modern manufactured windows apply. 

Four Sided Storm Service:  Remove (wood or metal) storm plates, clean both sides. Clean both sides of primary window, clean screens to remove loose dirt. Replace storm plates. Window tracks wiped & sills washed.  Primary window is the original window section that is covered by a storm system.
PLEASE NOTE: Four Sided Storm Service is presently not offered.